Letter to DCC calling for resignations

Cllr Simon Henig, Cllr Neil Foster, Stuart Timmiss (Head of Planning)

Dear Sirs,

Following the publication of the Inspectors Interim report it is very clear that you have been responsible for the wasting of millions of pounds in the progression of the County Durham Plan.

Whilst there can be no denying that the creation and implementation of such a plan is a mammoth task, there have been a number of key decisions made which were not only obvious in their adoption but were pointed out at numerous stages to the development team.

Underpinning factors which undermine the entire project such as projected populations, regional migration and required house building have been grossly re imagined no doubt with council tax receipts in mind. This in turn had led to a tendency for the County Council to refer to the ‘emerging plan’ in passing planning applications, taking little or no heed of local plans. This entirely undemocratic process has allowed numerous applications to be passed despite massive objections from local communities. The County Durham Green Party made major references to these key points and those of sustainability (also mentioned by the Inspector) in its’ response to the Plan - clearly all ‘consultation was a sham’.

I am frankly astounded that any one of you are still, following this publication, remaining in your roles on the Council and i call for each of you to resign with immediate effect. To do anything but shows utter contempt for the hundreds of thousands of people you are all meant to serve with their interests in mind.

Far from showing Durham County Council to be ‘Council of the year’ you have shown that there is an inherent ineptness within the Council that is costing the public purse millions of pounds - this is unacceptable.

Yours sincerely

Thom Robinson

Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Bishop Auckland

County Durham Green Party

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