Chilcot - The Coverup Continues

People have come to expect shady dealings from their Politicians, not a very nice way to view the world but true nonetheless.

The Iraq war represented the ultimate milestone in this government/public relationship. The great minds of our country, lifted to positions of great power, fed lies to the masses and colluded to start a war, in the process not only ruining the lives of millions of people but catasrophically creating great mistrust of the institution.

After such deep treachery, such wanton disregard for the electorate in a 'free and democratic' country, where could people look for answers? Where could we, as a nation, reflect and respond to the clear damage inflicted upon our very fabric of society? The Chilcot Enquiry was born.

Here was an enquiry like none before it, with the power to summon leaders, experts, officials, all in the name of justice and resolution.

The Chilcot Enquiry has announced that it will not feasibly now be published until after the General Election. Cue immediate consternation from all sides.

I would prefer to be writing a blog about the findings of this report, about what it means for us and whether or not it goes to healing the above issues. Instead the report has now come to represent the very opposite, it is now perpetuting the idea of coverups, secrets, smokes and mirrors in Whitehall. Suits scurrying around with dossiers full of figures ready to be exploited by whichever means to suit the minister of the day. Above all this hoverever is the public, the servicemen and women who have lost comrades, the devastated families torn by an unjust and immoral war.

When will we receive the answers we deserve?

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