Is the 'Green Surge' sustainable?

The Green Party has recently grown so fast that the internal workings of the party have struggled to keep up. But what is fuelling this?

Since the Scottish Referendum ( the greens were the only english mainstream party to support independence) people have been returning to politics with fresh eyes. There have been lunges to the 'left and right', and people seem to be more engaged.

Personally, 'left and right' doesnt sit happily with me, in one breathe, voting green means introducing Proportional Representation (a very 'left' view) but in another, a green will always support localism and locally managed communities (very much a tory 'big society' right wing idea).

The truth as i see it, is that the Green Party has spent a long long time developing policy which will be of the greatest benefit to the greatest amount of people, and that is the reason i joined this party. Sure, there are things i would change if i were at the helm, but all in all, I, like most others, have the most to gain from having a Green Government, a Green MP.

Social Media is changing how we view and receive information, now more than ever, the real, life changing policies that can bring health wealth and prosperity to our country through a Green Party are being seen by more and more people.

Polls come and go, people change and vote for what is best for them, but i truly believe the Green Party is moving to secure itself as a true voice of people up and down the Country, people who have been fooled long enough.


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