A Vision for Barnard Castle East

The first six months - a commitment to you.

  • Lead a neighbourhood plan for Barnard Castle - this will bring planning decisions back to the people of Barnard Castle and help to decide what we want the town to look like. It will be a fully consultive process which you will be able to take part in. Support will also be given to all other parishes looking to create neighbourhood plans.

  • Create a working group to look at fixing the Castle Walls. This is something that has been worked on before and Thom already has experience working on this. With election to the County there will be more scope to make things happen. 

  • Create a free festival for all residents to come to and meet their elected representatives. This will be a chance to have your direct say on what is most important for you

  • Thom will hold regular surgeries in your local area so that you have face to face contact with your elected representative. 

  • Be available to you 24/7 for all of your concerns and issues. 

  • Work to abolish car parking charges in Barnard Castle which are an unfair money making racket. 

Your Councillor

I have spent over 15 years working in and around Barnard Castle on a voluntary basis. I have been a youth worker, school governor, town councillor and held various roles in numerous charities such as Barnard Castle Meet and Barnard Castle Christmas Lights. 

These years of work have taught me many lessons and just how proud the people of Teesdale are in their community. I am proud too. But i believe we can do better. Our Councillors can do better. 

I am asking for your vote to prove that i can deliver a quality service that not only provides a meaningful personal service to you but also makes our community on the whole a stronger and better place to live and work. 

If elected i will work hard to working relationships in County Hall that deliver the best outcomes for us in Teesdale. Not divisive politics and mud slinging. Teesdale has been ignored by County Hall but this can be changed through hard work, i want to chance to have this work. 

My record is my testament to a commitment to Teesdale and its' communities.