About THOM

Thom was born in Bishop Auckland and has lived and worked in the area all of his life. From a young age Thom has been heavily involved in the local community in Barnard Castle and Teesdale and has in the last year joined a team to bring back a village carnival to West Auckland.


As a town councillor in Barnard Castle, Thom has fought hard to give back to the community and

has worked tirelessly to improve the quality of life for people in the town and further afield. He petitioned fellow Councillors and saw a 100% increase in donations budget for charities and organisations in Barnard Castle. He also drove ahead new events for the town, boosting tourism and recreation for the town. Thom regularly speaks with residents across the area and has represented groups locally and at County level. Thom co-ordinates the County Durham Green Party which has grown from strength to strength, and also gives him political experience across the North East region. 


Out of the political arena Thom is involved in a number of projects and organisations which bring benefits to the communities he serves. Thom has served on the Barnard Castle Meet Committee for over 10 years during which time he has been part of a team that has developed the Meet into a two day music festival with over 20 other events taking place over the May Whit Bank Holiday. Thom also spearheaded the reintroduction of Bonfire Night celebrations in Barnard Castle and this now has grown to attract a crowd well over 3000 people. 


Thom has always worked in Horticulture and Arboriculture and was pleased to join a fledgling 'incredible edible' scheme for Barnard Castle two years ago, Veg Out in Barney now has over twenty public sites for growing fruit and veg as well as a feeder farm developed at the Hub in Barnard Castle. The scheme is still growing (excuse the pun) and Thom can be found out and about, weeding, planting seeds, bulbs and trees around the streets. 


In October 2014, Thom pulled together a team of professionals to look at the ongoing problem of crumbling walls in the historic part of Barnard Castle, this has since led to the walls being placed on the 'At risk register' and now a trust is afoot, led by Thom which aims to raise the necessary money and fix the walls back to their former glory. 


All of this voluntary work is coupled with working for himself and looking after a young daughter but Thom always shows committment to the causes he is involved with and consisitently represents the people of Barnard Castle as a Councillor. 


Thom is seeking to win the Bishop Auckland seat in the hope that a local, passionate and experienced person can represent the people of the area with meaningful, well thought out policies that will bring the most benefit to our society. Bishop Auckland constituents deserve better. Vote Green, Vote Thom Robinson and see real change from a proven character.